Kung Krabaen Bay Nature Centre

Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center is located in Khlong Khut Sub-district, Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi Province. The area covers approximately 4,000 Rai in Kung Krabaen Bay and the surrounding area. The center was founded in 1982 and is responsible for studying and researching the natural ecosystem in order to find proper ways to develop the coastal area in Chanthaburi Province. The center is also a place where interested people can study the condition of nature so that they can understand the ecosystem in mangrove forest and can use these resources in the most effective way.

Kung Krabaen Bay Nature Centre - Cover

Inside Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center, a bridge for studying nature and mangrove forest in Kung Krabaen Bay, which is a 1,600-meter forest trail, is built. There are many small pavilions at intervals in order to present the information about mangrove forest. The trail starts at the first pavilion that tells how Kung Krabaen Bay and mangrove forest occur. This is to give some backgrounds before entering the places. After passing the first spot, the tourists will find two sides of the trail crowded with variety of tree. They will find the next pavilions along the way that provide the information about the tree types; for example, mangrove, Avicennia alba, and cork tree. At the same time, the tourists can also see some small aquatic animals along the trail, such as mudskipper, sesarma, and horseshoe crab. Continuing walking, the tourists will reach the last important spot. It is a pavilion where they can enjoy the view, which projects into the bay. From this spot, the tourists can see the line of mangrove forest that lies paralleling wonderfully with the river. This scenery is extremely worth taking photos.

Direction: From Bangkok, take Sukhumvit Road and head to Chanthaburi Province. Around the 301st- 302nd kilometer marker, turn right at Nong Si Nga Intersection and continue the main route for approximately 27 kilometers. At the intersection that crosses with the road to Khung Wiman, turn left and go straight. There will be road signs along the way leading to the center.

Opening time and day: Every day from 6.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Admission Fee: None.

For more information, contact 0 3936 9216-8

Website: http://www.fisheries.go.th/cf-kung_krabaen